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The Companion App can be used to share the experience with a loved one. Learn about how to use it.

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What is the Companion App?

The Companion App allows you to share the VR experience by watching it from a second device. If you download the same LookBack app on a second device and choose "Companion App" upon starting, you enable the companion app.

How do I download the Companion App?

Just download LookBack on a second device and choose "Companion App" upon starting. 

What device is the Companion App compatible with?

The Companion App device depends on your Main App device. If you are using the Main App on an Apple Phone, the companion app must be used on another Apple phone or an iPad. If you are using the Main App on an Android phone, the companion app must...

What is the difference between the main app and the companion app?

The Main App is the app that loads the video which will be watched by your family member, friend, or resident who has dementia. It must be loaded on a phone that will be placed inside the VR headset. The Companion App allows you to watch the same...

How do I play a video on the Companion App?

1. Have your main app device and your companion app devices ready. They must be both the same type (2 Apple devices or 2 Android devices. You cannot have 1 Apple device and 1 Android device).  2. Download the same LookBack app on both devices.  ...

I'm having troubles with the Companion App

Sorry to hear that! The Companion App feature is still in beta and we are working to improve it, so we appreciate your patience and feedback. To troubleshoot, please make sure you follow these steps: 1. Make sure both devices are of the same ty...