How do I play a video on the Companion App?

1. Have your main app device and your companion app devices ready. They must be both the same type (2 Apple devices or 2 Android devices. You cannot have 1 Apple device and 1 Android device). 
2. Download the same LookBack app on both devices. 
3. Enable Bluetooth on both devices
4. Pair both devices from the Bluetooth settings on one of the devices. 
5. Open LookBack on both devices
6. Click Main App on the phone that you are going to place in headset. Click Companion App on the device you will use to share the experience. 
7. Click "Yes" when asked "Would you like to connect with the companion app during this session" on both devices. 
8. Click "Start Connection" on both devices. 
9. On each device, choose the name of the other device that you would like to connect to. 
10. Wait for the devices to connect. 
11. After the devices connect, choose a video on the main app. 
12. Play a video on the main app and click 'View in VR headset'
13. When the video starts on the main app, you will be able to see it in sync on the companion app.