I'm having troubles with the Companion App

Sorry to hear that! The Companion App feature is still in beta and we are working to improve it, so we appreciate your patience and feedback. To troubleshoot, please make sure you follow these steps:

1. Make sure both devices are of the same type (only connect Apple device to another Apple device, and Android to Android)
2. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on both devices
3. Make sure the two devices are paired BEFORE attempting to connect them within LookBack. This MUST be done in the phone settings of each device, not within LookBack. 
4. If the apps don't connect right away, try again a few times. It can sometimes take a few tries for the phones and apps to connect.
5. Try deleting and reinstalling the apps on both devices if they do not work. 
6. For the best experience, download videos on both devices first before attempting to use the companion app. To do this, load LookBack as a main app on both devices and download the videos you'd like to watch. Then restart one of the apps as a companion app. 

If you are still having troubles, please send us an email on info@vrtu.org and we'll try our best to help!