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My phone is getting too hot


The app is crashing

If your app crashes, try restarting your phone and re-opening the app. If the issue continues, please drop us a line on 

The video quality is poor

The quality of the video can depend on your smartphone and VR headset. Please see our recommendations in the devices section here: 

I can't stream or download a video

As the VR videos are large, you need a fast WiFi connection to stream or download a video on the app. 

I can't connect to the Companion App

Please ensure you have done the following: 1. The device that runs the companion app must be similar to the device running the main app. So if your main app is running on an iPhone, the companion app must be loaded on another iPhone or an iPa...

My question isn't answered here

If you have looked through our Support pages and still need help, please contact us on 

I don't see a video I'd like to watch

LookBack is a growing platform of experiences and we are constantly adding more videos to the app! At the moment, most of the videos on the app are only applicable to people in the UK. However, we hope to add reminiscent content from around the wo...

Video is getting stuck or not loading

If you are streaming a video, you need a fast WiFi connection. If your connection is slow, you can experience lags and pauses in the video while it buffers. We recommend downloading the video first if your connection is slow. 

Video is not downloading

Ensure you have enough space on your phone to download a video, as it can be a large file. If you have enough space and your video is still not downloading, you might have a slow Wifi connection. Try connecting to a faster WiFi connection or ...